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Management Accounting service

Management Accounting concept

  • Cost determination and financial control;

  • Information for management planning and control;

  • Reduction of waste of business resources;

  • Creation of value through effective use of resources.

To whom

We offer service for small and middle sized companies, who don't need full time analys (financial controller etc), but needs extra resources to prepare analyses.

What we offer?

  • Sales: margin analysis from segment to product, forecast, budget, actual result agains forecast/budget and reasons.

  • Costs: direct and indirecto costs planning and analysis against actual. Cost control and effective use of resources.

  • Material: purchasing price variances > against average, price list price. Bring oout these products or services, which need to get better prices from vendors and finding alternatives.

  • Processes: describing, measuring, positive/negative effects. Where you need to get and how to realize it.


Servivce will be provided by Risko Tiitso, who is the founder and owner of RiskInvest OÜ and has applied economics master's degree from Tallinn University of Technology (master thesis was mentioned in many local newspaper), many years of financial controlling experience.

Price of service?

Average hourly rate 20€ - until the 15th day of month 23€ and after 17€ in the Baltics. Price will be different in other countries and if whether we can work from our office or your.

Request for Proposal - RFP

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